Write Your Novel: Brainstorming Notion Template

Struggling to organize the many facets of your story? Characters, plot twists, ideas, themes — it can feel like they’re all just floating around in your head. Well, our Notion-based story organizer is here to streamline that process. It offers detailed explanations, handy tips, thoughtfully designed templates, and insightful questions to help you flesh out the core aspects of your story.

Imagine a comprehensive book planning Notion template for outlining your novel. That’s right, everything from the initial spark of an idea to the final touches of your literary masterpiece, all meticulously organized in this digital toolkit.

Are you a beginner pondering, “How do I write a fiction novel?” This Notion writing novel template; is tailored just for you. Move past the daunting blank page and transform your story planning into an enjoyable journey with our Notion brainstorm tool for writers.!

What you receive in this package:

A Notion Writer Workspace with sections for:

♦ Introduction

♦ Planning

♦ Idea

♦ What if questions?

♦ Conflict

♦ Story questions

♦ Theme

♦ Plot

♦ Character motivation

♦ Character sketches

♦ Setting

♦ Setting sketches

♦ Research

♦ Scenes

♦ Pacing

♦ Drafting

♦ Editing

♦ Publishing

♦ Marketing

♦ Conclusion

Watch the video to see what is included.

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