World Building Spreadsheet for Novelists and Creators

Do you struggle to build your fictional fantasy or science fiction world? Is it hard to keep all the details straight? Before your start writing, take the time to develop your world. There is so much to look after cities, myths, magic, aliens, technology, history, and geography. Whew! The list is endless.

Use this world-building spreadsheet for writers to dig into culture, education, climate, food, education. The little details make a story feel real and pull your readers into a different world. After completing this worksheet and answering the world-building questions, you’ll know everything you need about your world to write a fantastic story.

With over 500 questions, the rows are sortable and expand to content. You can also add your own categories and questions if needed. I developed this detailed world-building workbook when I was writing my book and it can help you write yours.

Get to know everything about your magic systems before you start writing your novel!!!

What you receive in this package:

An Excel world-building spreadsheet that includes:

♦ Introduction

♦ Aliens

♦ Basics

♦ Aliens

♦ Animals

♦ Artificial Intelligence

♦ Celebrations

♦ Cities

♦ Climate

♦ Clothing

♦ Communication

♦ Conflict

♦ Culture

♦ Economics

♦ Education

♦ Food

♦ Geography

♦ Government

♦ Health

♦ History

♦ Magic

♦ Myths

♦ Nature

♦ Occupations

♦ People

♦ Recreation

♦ Religion

♦ Rites and Rituals

♦ Security

♦ Time Travel

♦ Transportation

♦ Technology

♦ And much more…

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