World Building Notion Template for Writers

Struggling to keep track of the intricate details in your fantasy world? Building a believable and immersive world is crucial for your story, but it can be overwhelming with all the elements like cities, myths, magic, aliens, technology, and history. But don’t worry! This notion worldbuilding template is here to streamline your world-building process.

Our worldbuilding notion template is meticulously designed for writers, diving deep into the nuances of culture, education, climate, food, and more. These little details are what make your story come alive, drawing readers into a whole new universe. I’m confident it will be a game-changer for your novel-writing journey.

This Notion template is not only eco-friendly, but also super convenient. With its digital format, you can access it anytime and anywhere, making it perfect for on-the-go editing and brainstorming. Plus, it features a minimalist design to ensure easy viewing and organization.

Get to know your fictional world inside out before penning your novel. With this template, you’re not just writing a story, you’re creating a world!

What you receive in this package:

A Notion Writer Workspace with sections for:

♦ Introduction

♦ Basics

♦ Aliens

♦ Animals

♦ Artificial Intelligence

♦ Celebrations

♦ Cities

♦ Climate

♦ Clothing

♦ Communication

♦ Conflict

♦ Culture

♦ Economics

♦ Education

♦ Food and Drinks

♦ Geography

♦ Government

♦ Health

♦ History

♦ Magic

♦ Myths

♦ Nature

♦ Occupations

♦ People

♦ Recreation

♦ Religion

♦ Rites and Rituals

♦ Security

♦ Technology

♦ Time Travel

♦ Transportation

Watch the video to see what is included.

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How to Duplicate a Notion Template

If you don’t have a Notion account, sign up for one before you duplicate the template. It’s free. (not an affiliate link)

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♦ After downloading the PDF, open it up and click on the second page where it says here.

♦ On the top right of the Notion page, there’s a “Duplicate” button. Click that. On Mobile? Click the three dots to show the duplicate button.

♦ Then you will need to log in and wait a few seconds while the template imports to your account. Enjoy your template.


♦ Digital download

♦ You will receive a pdf with a link to your Notion Template


♦ This is a digital product (instant download), not a physical product (nothing will be shipped).

♦ Once payment is complete, you get instant access to the product.

♦ This template only works with Notion.

♦ To use Notion you will need to have a free account.

♦ To use this template, you need a basic knowledge of Notion. If you know how to drag, drop, change layouts and move sections – you should have no problem.

♦ Personal Use Only.

Just $24.87