Using ProWritingAid to Unlock Your Writing Potential

Finding the right tools can make a big difference for writers of all levels. That’s where ProWritingAid steps in—a comprehensive writing assistant designed to elevate your writing.

But what exactly is ProWritingAid, and is it worth the investment? Let’s dive in.

ProWritingAid (affiliate link) offers more than just grammar checking. It is like having your own editing assistant that will make your writing shine. If you can’t afford an editor, this is the next best thing.

If you can afford an editor, you should still run your manuscript through the software to minimize typos and errors.

How Much Does ProWritingAid Cost?

ProWritingAid offers both free, premium and premium pro options. The free version gives you a taste of its capabilities, with limitations on word count and features.

The premium and the premium pro version is available through monthly, yearly, or lifetime subscriptions, catering to different needs and budgets.

The Key Features of ProWritingAid

What does it do? ProWritingAid‘s standout features include its:

Grammar Checker

ProWritingAid’s Grammar Checker does more than just fix typos and grammar mistakes and checks your text for more than just basic errors. It looks for things like subject-verb agreement, consistent tense, and proper punctuation.

It explains everything clearly and concisely, so it’s a great learning tool. With ProWritingAid’s Grammar Checker, your writing will be error-free and professional. This feature also helps you improve your grammar and writing habits.

In this example, ProWritingAid’s Grammar Checker catches a missing comma and explains why.

Rephrasing Feature

ProWritingAid’s rephrasing feature suggests different ways to express your ideas, making it a powerful tool for clarity and readability. This feature provides tailored suggestions useful for diversifying sentence beginnings and conveying ideas concisely.

ProWritingAid offers different options for rephrasing and restructuring text, such as making your writing standard, fluent, formal, informal, sensory shorter or expanded.

As you can see from the image above. I highlighted a sentence, and ProWritingAid gave me three ways to rephrase the sentence. 

AI Sparks

ProWritingAid’s AI Sparks has revolutionized creative writing with personalized prompts and AI-powered suggestions. This innovative tool combines creativity and technology to generate ideas, scenarios, or sentences to inspire you to overcome blocks.

It customizes suggestions for your needs. It’s an invaluable feature for creative individuals because it encourages exploration.

As you can see from the image above, you can edit the words for fluency or sensory. You could also summarize it (choose more than one sentence for this) or expand the sentence.

Plagiarism Checker

The Plagiarism Checker on ProWritingAid is a must-have for you, if you want to keep your work honest and unique. This tool can check if your writing is too similar to other sources by comparing it to an extensive database of published works.

The Plagiarism Checker shows the issue and gives reports to help you fix them. It’s a vital resource for authors who need to certify that their work is free of unintentional plagiarism before submission or publication.

Author Comparison

The Author Comparison feature lets you compare your writing style to renowned authors. This feature matches your text against a database of stylistic elements found in well-known writers.

It offers insights into sentence length, word choice, and the use of dialogue versus narrative, providing a perspective on your writing style to literary icons. The Author Comparison feature offers a benchmark to measure and improve your writing style.

Passive Voice Feature

Using ProWritingAid’s Passive Voice feature helps you identify and minimize passive constructions for a more active style. Passive voice can lengthen sentences and weaken the impact of your message. The tool scans and highlights passive voice and suggests active voice alternatives for clearer, more dynamic writing.

Passive constructions are boring, so let’s remove them to make things more interesting. ProWritingAid encourages an active writing style for more effective expression of your ideas.

As you can see from the image above, ProWritingAid will find and flag passive writing. But even better, they will give you ways to rephrase the sentence to make it active.

Critique Report

The Critique Report provides you with detailed objective feedback, like having a personal editor. This feature analyzes multiple aspects of writing, including style, readability, pacing, and dialogue, which enhance your writing’s structure, coherence, and impact.

The reports personalize the writing by identifying strengths and areas for growth. This feedback is essential for you to improve your drafts and enhance your writing.

ProWritingAid’s Reports

ProWritingAid offers over 25 writing reports so you can get feedback on all aspects of your story.

Realtime Feedback: Get feedback on grammar and style while you’re typing.
Style: Pinpoint the style refinements.
Grammar: It fixes grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors.
Rephrase: Offer multiple options for rewording and editing.
Critique: Get a detailed story critique within seconds.
Thesaurus: It Identifies word replacements that fit the context.
Overused Words: Improves your writing by minimizing repetition.
All Repeats: Identify if you overuse specific phrases.
Echoes: It takes out repeated words.
Sentence Structure: It evaluates the range of your sentence structures.
Sentence Length: It ensures that you have varied sentence lengths.
Transitions: It helps your writing flow by checking transitions.
Readability: It keeps your writing simple for your target audience.
Sticky Sentences: It trims unnecessary words to enhance your writing.
Clichés: It finds and substitutes clichés with unique and innovative expressions.
Diction: It finds vague language.
Pronoun: It checks for overused pronouns
Alliteration: It finds unnecessary alliteration
Homonym: It checks all homonyms, homophones, and homographs
Consistency: It makes sure that the spelling, capitalization, and hyphenation is correct.
Acronym: It checks abbreviation clarity and consistency.
Dialogue: It analyzes your dialogue.
Pacing: Ensures proper pacing.
Sensory: It sees if you’ve balanced the sensory details well.
House Style: It can follow your style guide’s rules
Plagiarism: It ensures you don’t copy anyone else’s ideas and words.
Combo: Mix and match your preferred reports for a unique analysis.

What Does ProWritingAid Integrate With?

ProWritingAid integrates with various programs and platforms so you can use it wherever you write. Here are some of the key integrations:

Microsoft Word

ProWritingAid offers a plugin for Microsoft Word, allowing you to access its features directly within the Word interface on Windows.

Google Docs

Through a browser extension, you can use ProWritingAid with Google Docs, providing real-time grammar and style suggestions.


It integrates with Scrivener (with a plugin) for long-form projects like novels or research papers.

Browser Extensions

ProWritingAid’s browser extensions integrate with Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari which helps when you are writing on web browsers and social media platforms.


ProWritingAid also integrates with Outlook, which is great for catching typos in your emails… before you hit send.

Desktop App

ProWritingAid has a desktop app for Windows and Mac, allowing you to improve your writing with flexibility and accessibility.

So, ProWritingAid enables you to enhance your writing directly within your preferred writing environments. 

Where do I use it? All of the above except for Google Docs because you don’t need the browser extension and the Google Doc Plugin.

Pros and Cons of Using ProWritingAid

Just like everything else, there are pros and cons to the software.

 Pros of Using ProWritingAid

Comprehensive Feedback: ProWritingAid offers comprehensive suggestions to enhance your writing skills.
Versatility: It adapts to your needs, whether you’re writing a novel, an academic paper, or a business report.
Integrations: Seamlessly integrates with writing platforms, streamlining editing.

Cons of Using ProWritingAid

Learning Curve: The depth of feedback means there’s a bit to learn about interpreting and applying suggestions.
Compatibility Issues: While it integrates with many platforms, there are occasional glitches or compatibility hiccups, especially with less common software.

Who Should Use ProWritingAid?

If you’re serious about improving your writing, ProWritingAid is the way to go. It’s ideal for writers looking to improve their style and voice. And also for students, academics, and professionals seeking clear, error-free communication in papers, reports, and emails.

Last Words on Using ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid stands out as a comprehensive tool that not only corrects your writing but helps you grow as a writer. Its blend of features offers something for everyone, making it a valuable asset regardless of your writing needs.

Interested in taking your writing to the next level? Try ProWritingAid today through our affiliate link and discover the difference it can make in your writing journey.

Happy writing!



Feature Image by Pexels from Pixabay.


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