Ultimate Spreadsheet Writing Bundle

Plot, World-Building, Magic, Characters

Are you tired of juggling multiple tools to bring your story to life? We’ve got the perfect solution – our Ultimate Spreadsheet Writing Bundle, a comprehensive bundle that seamlessly combines four essential products to empower your writing journey. Let’s delve into what this extraordinary package has to offer:

πŸ“– Excel Plot Outline Spreadsheet for Writers:

Say goodbye to scattered notes! Our Plot Outline Spreadsheet is your go-to writing companion. With 8 dedicated tabs, it covers everything from chapter synopses to historical details. Take your story from idea to finished product effortlessly.

🌌 Magic Systems Workbook for Writers:

Dive into the realm of fantasy with our Magic Systems Workbook. Crafting magical worlds just got easier as you answer crucial questions about who has magic, how it works, and its limitations. This Excel spreadsheet ensures your magical elements are well-defined before you start writing.

πŸ‘₯ Character Builder Spreadsheet for Writers:

Characters are the heart of your story. Our Character Builder Spreadsheet delves deep into emotions, relationships, and tendencies, offering expandable rows with text wrapping. Develop well-rounded characters that resonate with your readers.

🌍 World Building Spreadsheet for Writers and Creatives:

Build immersive worlds effortlessly! Our World Building Spreadsheet covers over 500 questions, from cities to climate, technology to rituals. Organize, sort, and expand rows to tailor it to your unique story, making sure no detail is overlooked.

What you receive in this package:

4 Excel files (one for each product)

♦ Digital download for instant access

♦ Comprehensive coverage from plot to characters, magic systems, and world-building

♦ Personal use only, ensuring your creative journey remains exclusive

You can get the Ultimate Spreadsheet Writing BundleΒ today for only $12.97

4 Spreadsheets for the price of 3


♦ Digital download

♦ Digital file type(s): 4 excel files


♦ This is a digital product (instant download), not a physical product (nothing will be shipped).

♦ These are Excel spreadsheets. They may or may not work in Google Sheets.

♦ Once payment is complete, you get instant access to the product.

♦ Personal Use Only – your creativity, your rules.

Just $12.97