Set and Achieve Your Goals With These 15 Easy Tricks

Do you have a plan to achieve your goals in your lifetime? Do you want a big house, fancy car, to climb a mountain, or money to travel. Have you ever wondered how you are going to achieve them? In this post, we will discuss the reasons to set goals and tips to achieve them.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a goal as: The end toward which effort is directed.

Why Set goals?

No matter what you are working towards, you need to set goals. Why? Goals provide direction, a long-term vision and short-term motivation. In essence, goals are an indispensable road map that separates the important parts of life from the irrelevant.

They also help to build self-confidence by helping you grow as an individual.

If you don’t know where you are going, how can you expect to get there?
Author Basil S. Walth

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Seven Reasons to Set Goals

There are multiple reasons to set goals:

To Give Our Life Direction

Humans need a purpose and a sense of direction. It is the way the brain is wired. Goals give us focus, allowing us to figure out what we really want out of life.

To Control Our Destiny

If we do not set our own goals, then we will find it too easy to follow a path set by others. 

For Motivation

While goals give our lives direction, they also provide the motivation to get us through tough times.

Stress reduction

Goals reduce stress because using them to focus your life decisions makes it easier when making those choices.

Time management

When your “to do” list becomes too long and your schedule too full, compare your goals to the list. What items help you achieve your goal? Cross off the unnecessary items.

To achieve life goals

Goals serve as the destination for what we want out of life. If we do not have goals that suit our unique perspective, it is easy to become sidetracked.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Chinese Proverb

To feel a sense of accomplishment

Goals give you a measurable sense of accomplishment. Every goal you achieve can give you a boost of energy and momentum to keep going. Each success powers you toward the next level.

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Fifteen Tricks to Achieve Your Goals

So now that we know why we need to set goals, how do we get there? These fifteen tricks can help you achieve your goals.

Define Your Goal

Discover your goal. Be as specific as possible about your desired result. Regardless of what you want, the best way to get it is to first clarify it in as much detail as possible. Without a clear mental picture, you’ll never have the focus required to achieve your goal.

Make them personal

Goals are individual. Set short-term goals that are attainable for you, not someone else. You’re far more likely to achieve your goal if it excites you, so pick a goal you are passionate about. Think about all the benefits you’ll have once you achieve your goals. Imagine how your life will be different. Chart your course to success!

Make them practical

Know what you want. Your goals can be personal or work-related, or both, but they need to be realistic. The more details you can plan, the better because you need a very clear focus on what you want in order to achieve it.

Share them with others

This helps you commit to your success. Find an accountability buddy and exchange goals with them. Set up check-ins where you both report on your progress.

The person who makes a success of living is the one who sees his goal steadily and aims for it unswervingly. That is dedication.
Cecil B. De Mille

Keep them visible

Tape your goals on the bathroom mirror or refrigerator door. Subliminal reminders work to motivate you. Keep your goals front and center in your mind. Remember… you only get one chance to live your dreams!

Track Your Progress

Visual aids can be an effective way to program your brain. Use planners, journals or trackers to keep tabs on your development. Studies have shown that visualization leads to success.

Write goals down

Commit them to paper. Writing your goals helps crystallize them in your mind. By physically writing and displaying them in places you frequent, you make them more real in your mind. According to research, you are 95% more likely to achieve your goal if you write it down.

Whatever the mind of a man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.
Napoleon Hill

Set Short, Attainable, & Measurable Goals

Set goals that are practical, measurable, quantifiable, realistic, and achievable goals.

Create Deadlines

Goals without deadlines might as well be dreams. Set long- and short-term goals but remember goals change with time. If needed, adjust the time frame because deadlines can be flexible.

Make it Routine

Start every morning with a to do list. This will help you organize your time. Transfer unfinished items to the next day’s list. Focus on your goal every day to override subconscious anti-success messages. Success is an every-day event.

Believe in Your Goal

If you try to achieve a goal that you don’t believe in, your subconscious mind will not allow you to achieve it. Use positive affirmations to reinforce your beliefs.

 Whatever the mind of a man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.
Napoleon Hill

Set Reminders

Remind yourself of your goal. The more you repeat it to your subconscious mind, the more it will programmed in and become second nature.

Break Your Goal Into Pieces

Some huge goals need to be broken down into smaller goals or bite-sized chunks. If you commit to take at least one small action each day, your actions WILL add up and make a difference. Think about the goal and you realize that it is comprised of several smaller goals, each of which is made up of other smaller goals.

Reward Yourself

Reward yourself every time you have some success. It will help you stay passionate about your goals. It will also tell your subconscious mind you’re achieving your goals.

Stay Positive

Concentrate on what you want, not what you don’t want. The only person who can stop you from achieving your goals is you. Avoid fear and self-doubt, the common enemies your mind creates.


Success takes dedicated planning and effort. Creating success may require a sacrifice on your part. You may lose sleep and recreational time in trying to achieve your goals. Just ask yourself what you will do to achieve them. What will you sacrifice?

Last Words on Achieving Goals

There is no magic to setting goals. If you set tangible goals, develop a plan to reach the goals and share your goals you will be much more successful. Life WILL try to get in your way. Just stay on course every day. Focus on your goal, and on success!

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