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Publisher Rocket (affiliate link) is a powerful software that offers writers real-time data on market trends, keywords, competition, and more.

Unlike other marketing tools, Publisher Rocket specifically tailors to the publishing industry, making it a must-have for anyone seeking to navigate the complexities of Amazon’s marketplace effectively. I have been using Publisher Rocket since 2020 and the software has only gotten better.

And the best part is that it is a one-time fee. I don’t know about you but I hate monthly subscriptions.

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Why Get Publisher Rocket?

What is Publisher Rocket?

♦ Powerful software offering real-time data on market trends, keywords, and competition.

♦ Tailored specifically for the highly competitive publishing industry.

♦ Created by David Chesson from Kindlepreneur.



♦ One-time payment of $97 USD with a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

♦ Works for both Mac and PC.

♦ Includes lifetime updates and tutorials.


The Old Way to Research

♦ Previously, researching on Amazon was time-consuming, involving manual data recording from similar books.


Publisher Rocket Features

Keyword Search

    • Shows exact words people use when searching on Amazon and their monthly search volume.
    • Provides book earnings and competition for these keywords.
    • Enhances book visibility by including keywords in titles, descriptions, and marketing materials.

Competition Analyzer

    • Provides insights into competitors’ book covers, prices, page counts, and earnings.
    • Helps authors differentiate their books and improve performance on Kindle.

Category Search

    • Identifies high-demand but less crowded categories.
    • Increases chances of becoming a bestseller by choosing the right categories.

AMS Keywords

    • Quickly generates effective Amazon book ad keywords.
    • Allows easy export of keyword recommendations for Amazon ad campaigns.

What Can I Do with The Data?

♦ Perfect Your Book Marketing Strategy: Informed choices based on data enhance book launches and marketing strategies.

♦ Track Sales and Performance: Continuous analysis of sales data helps adjust strategies for future titles or campaigns.

Pros and Cons of Publisher Rocket


♦ One-time payment with future updates.

♦ Saves time by generating relevant keywords quickly.

♦ Provides detailed insights into competitors’ books.

♦ Helps find niche categories with less competition.

♦ Optimizes Amazon Advertising campaigns with profitable keywords.



♦ Initial learning curve due to the abundance of data.

♦ Primarily focused on Amazon.

♦ Upfront cost of $97 might be significant for beginners.

♦ No guarantee of book sales despite the tool’s aid in market research.





Publisher Rocket is an essential tool for authors looking to succeed in self-publishing. No matter your niche (fiction, non-fiction, puzzle books, children’s books, etc.) Publisher Rocket will work for you.

By analyzing keywords, competition, categories, and sales, authors can make strategic choices to enhance visibility, boost sales, and achieve ultimate success. By incorporating Publisher Rocket into your publishing workflow, you’re not only being smart but also gaining a highly beneficial resource.