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ProWritingAid (affiliate link) offers more than just grammar checking. It is like having your own editing assistant that will make your writing shine. I have been using ProWritingAid since 2019 and the software has only gotten better.

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How it Works


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Why Get ProWriting Aid?

Grammar Checker

♦ Fixes typos, grammar mistakes, subject-verb agreement, consistent tense, and proper punctuation.

♦ Provides clear and concise explanations, making it a great learning tool.

♦ Ensures error-free and professional writing.

♦ Helps improve grammar and writing habits.

Rephrasing Feature

♦ Suggests different ways to express ideas for clarity and readability.

♦ Provides tailored suggestions for diversifying sentence beginnings and concise communication.

♦ Offers options for standard, fluent, formal, informal, sensory, shorter, or expanded writing.

AI Sparks

♦ Generates personalized prompts and AI-powered suggestions for creative writing.

♦ Combines creativity and technology to inspire ideas, scenarios, or sentences.

♦ Customizes suggestions to individual needs, encouraging exploration.

Plagiarism Checker

♦ Ensures writing is honest and unique by comparing it to a database of published works.

♦ Identifies issues and provides reports for correction.

♦ Essential for authors to certify their work is free of unintentional plagiarism before submission or publication.

Author Comparison

♦ Compares writing style to renowned authors.

♦ Matches text against stylistic elements found in well-known writers.

♦ Offers insights into sentence length, word choice, and the use of dialogue versus narrative.

♦ Provides a benchmark to measure and improve writing style.

Passive Voice Feature

♦ Identifies and minimizes passive constructions for a more active writing style.

♦ Highlights passive voice and suggests active voice alternatives for clearer, more dynamic writing.

♦ Encourages an active writing style for effective expression of ideas.


Critique Report

♦ Provides detailed objective feedback, like having a personal editor.

♦ Analyzes style, readability, pacing, and dialogue to enhance writing structure, coherence, and impact.

♦ Personalizes feedback by identifying strengths and areas for growth.

♦ Essential for improving drafts and enhancing writing.





If you’re serious about improving your writing, ProWritingAid is the way to go. It’s ideal for writers looking to improve their style and voice. And also for students, academics, and professionals seeking clear, error-free communication in papers, reports, and emails.