Overcoming Obstacles: Momentum, Sacrifices, and Transformation

What do momentum, sacrifice and transformation have in common? There are all obstacles to achieving goals. Overcoming obstacles is part of achieving goals, but the good news is that all obstacles have solutions.

In this blog post, we will cover the lack of momentum, making sacrifices, and resisting transformation.

Striving for a goal can be scary, especially in the beginning, when it feels like a struggle. Sometimes, we expect too much, too fast, which makes things even harder. Starting a big goal too early can make it seem like we can’t do it. As my mom would say, “don’t bite off more than you can chew”.

Building Momentum

Here’s the good part – goals feel difficult to achieve because of momentum. Think about giving a car a good push to get it going. It’s tough to get started, but once the car gets going, it’s easy.

Goals operate the same. At the start, put in extra effort, but as you persist, momentum takes over, and progress becomes smoother. It’s like entering a “zone” where taking action feels effortless, and steady progress becomes the norm.

Imagine learning to play a musical instrument, like the guitar. When you first pick it up, your fingers might feel awkward, and producing a simple note seems impossible. You might wonder if you’ll ever get the hang of it.

But here’s the exciting part… if you persevere and keep practicing, something magical happens. Your fingers build calluses, becoming more agile on the strings. The once-jumbled notes turn into recognizable chords, and you strum melodies with greater ease. As your skill grows, you become more passionate about playing, and the progress you make propels you forward. Soon, you’ll be playing songs you once thought were beyond your reach.

You can apply this to so many areas in life. Like learning a language, becoming a master at something new, or chasing your creative goals. So, embrace the challenges, believe in your potential, and let the momentum of progress keep you motivated and excited on your journey.


Remind yourself that the initial struggles are temporary, and things will get easier with time. Keep pushing yourself until it doesn’t feel so hard anymore.

Relish the challenge instead of complaining about the difficulty. Embrace it. Convince yourself that you thrive on challenges and that you can handle anything that comes your way. It’s amazing how much positive self-talk can boost your confidence.

If you’re having a hard time, take it easy and concentrate on one small part of your goal. Just break it down into smaller tasks and take them on one at a time. Keep going and add more until you’re crushing this challenge.

Keep pushing, stay positive, and remember that every goal gets easier as you go. You can do anything you set your mind to.

Ask Yourself

  • How can I stay motivated and focused on my goal when faced with distractions or setbacks?
  • What actions can I take every day or week to make consistent progress toward my goal?
  • How can I break down this goal into smaller, manageable tasks to build momentum?
  • Am I open to adjusting my approach if certain strategies aren’t working as expected?
  • Do I have a support system or accountability partner to help me stay on track?
  • What inner beliefs or attitudes might hold me back, and how can I work on overcoming them?
  • How can I celebrate small victories and acknowledge my progress to maintain momentum and enthusiasm?

These questions will help you gain clarity, develop a solid plan, and stay committed to building momentum toward your goals. Remember, the journey might have its challenges, but with determination and focus, you can achieve what you set out to accomplish.

Obstacle #7 Unwilling to make Sacrifices

Sacrifices are important when chasing our dreams, but we forget that. We usually think about what we’ll get, not what we’ll give up to reach our goals. But if we don’t give credit to these sacrifices, it can cause unexpected problems and put our success at risk.

What Will I Give Up?

Take a minute to reflect on the sacrifices you made for your old goals. Did you give up your favourite TV show to work on your dreams? Did you get up early or stay up later, sacrificing your sleep?

Now, think about the here and now. What are you giving up to achieve your goals? Need to meditate but can’t find the time with family commitments? Are those shoes at the store testing your willpower to stick to your savings plan?

Honestly, sacrifices entail giving up something you cherish, if only temporarily. Gains don’t come without sacrifices. Once you realize this, you’ll be ready for the bumps in the road on your way to achieving your goals.


Whenever you set a goal, think about what you’re giving up and what you’ll get. In the beginning, you’ll be confident that the sacrifices are worth it because you’re motivated and optimistic. But eventually, you might crave the things you gave up. That’s when you’ll have to keep asking yourself if it’s worth sticking to new habits until they become the norm.

If you’re not up for sacrificing now, start with a smaller goal until you’re ready for bigger ones. If you’re up for it, just remind yourself of your decision every time you’re tempted to stray from your goals. Embrace the sacrifices, for they hold the key to unlocking your success and bringing your dreams to life!

Ask Yourself

  • Is it worth it?
  • Am I willing to do it?
  • How committed am I to sacrificing for the sake of my goal?
  • Are the sacrifices aligned with my values and long-term aspirations?
  • What are the potential benefits of sacrificing for my personal growth and success?
  • Can I make the process of sacrifice more manageable or enjoyable?
  • Am I prepared to adjust my goals or approach if certain sacrifices become too burdensome or detrimental?
  • After achieving my goal, will I look back and feel that the sacrifices were truly worth it?
  • Have I thoroughly considered the impact of these sacrifices on my personal life, relationships, and well-being?
  • How will I stay motivated and focused on my goal when the allure of giving up becomes tempting?

Sacrifices can be key to achieving your dreams, so keep that in mind as you think about these questions. Choose wisely and understand their importance to achieve your goals confidently and with purpose.

Obstacle #8 Resisting Transformation

Achieving goals requires inner transformation. It’s not just getting from here to there. This is an enormous challenge that we ignore, but it could make or break our success.

Inner Work

Why is inner work so essential? If we don’t get our minds and hearts ready for the changes we want, we might not handle what comes next.

Let’s dive into a unique example to better understand the importance of addressing underlying reasons when pursuing a goal:

Imagine being a skilled public speaker and nailing presentations with ease. Just working on speaking might not cut it. The key is to understand the root causes of your stage fright. Ignoring these deeper issues could make public speaking difficult again.

Practice speaking and face your fears to build confidence. If you work on these internal barriers, you’ll grow and transform, and become an excellent public speaker.

If you want to succeed in business, know what held you back before avoiding repeating the same mistakes. The same applies to other types of goals.


If you want to tackle this challenge, start developing the qualities and traits that will help you succeed.

Want to succeed in business? Check out what successful people have – confidence, courage, creativity, flexibility, and all that jazz. Try to build these qualities in yourself, one step at a time. Embrace more confidence and courage, unleash your creativity, and become more adaptable in your approach.

If you work on the inside AND take action on the outside, you’ll be unstoppable. Transforming yourself can make a big difference in achieving your goals. Remember, success is about more than just what people can see.

Ask Yourself

  • Are you someone who’s always felt insecure and scared of being judged?
  • Did you ever have an experience that affected your self-belief negatively?
  • How do I confront any previous traumas affecting my current mindset and actions?
  • What negative thoughts are keeping me from pursuing my goals?
  • What aspects of my personality or emotional intelligence do I need to develop to enhance my chances of success?
  • How can I take care of myself and deal with stress during this journey?
  • Are there any negative vibes or people holding me back from growing, and how can I deal with them?
  • What steps can I take to enhance my self-awareness and understand my core values, strengths, and areas for development?

Answering these questions will help you really get to the heart of your goals and set you on a meaningful journey of transformation. Just keep in mind that you gotta work on yourself from the inside out to get your head, heart, and actions in sync with your goals and make some actual progress.

Last Words on Overcoming Obstacles

So now, we know we need momentum, sacrifices and transformation to achieve our goals. Come back next week and we will cover three more obstacles to achieving goals. Are any of these obstacles in your way?

Take Care


Feature Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay.


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