Magic System Spreadsheet for Writers

Do you struggle to build a magic system for your fictional fantasy world? There are unlimited possibilities for building magical systems for your world. Some questions that you need to answer are:

Who has magic?

How does magic work?

Does magic have limitations?

What are the rules?

There are the mechanics, the world building, the people, the rules, and the magical abilities to keep straight. Work through the questions in this Magic System Workbook for Writers and Creatives to craft and define your magical world. I developed this workbook when I was writing my book and it can help you write yours.

Get to know everything about your magic systems before you start writing your novel!!!

Comes in blue and gray…

What you receive in this package:

Two Excel spreadsheets that include:

♦ Introduction

♦ Questions

♦ Rules

♦ Magical Abilities

♦ Characters

Watch through the video to see everything included.

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