How Writers Can Skyrocket Their Success with Publisher Rocket

With the rise of technology, the book market has become highly competitive. Self-publishing authors face a daunting challenge: standing out from the crowd. But… Publisher Rocket is a tool that helps writers/authors gain a competitive edge.

Today we will explore how writers like you can leverage Publisher Rocket to maximize your publishing success.

Publisher Rocket (affiliate link) is a powerful software that offers writers real-time data on market trends, keywords, competition, and more. Unlike other marketing tools, Publisher Rocket specifically tailors to the publishing industry, making it a must-have for any author seeking to navigate the complexities of Amazon’s marketplace effectively.

David Chesson (from Kindlepreneur) created this tool to help self-publishers promote their books and eBooks. If you haven’t heard of Kindlepreneur, it is the go-to website for writers or anyone who publishes books on Amazon KDP.

How Much Does Publisher Rocket Cost?

At the time of writing, it cost $97 (USD). Publisher Rocket is a one-time payment (I love one-time payments) that comes with a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. Although it may change to a subscription-based model at some point.

The software works for both Mac and PC users. It also includes lifetime updates and tutorials.

The Old Way to Research on Amazon

The old way to research on Amazon took forever. You would find a similar book in your genre and then check out the ‘products related to this item’ and ‘what customers also’ and record this information (book title, author name, genre categories etc.) in an Excel sheet or Word document.

Here is a screenshot of the competition research I did for my novel which wasn’t hard but took a lot of time.

Publisher Rocket Features

Publisher Rocket has many features. But these are the four big ones.

Keyword Search

On platforms like Amazon, keywords are essential for making your content easily found. Publisher Rocket is unique because it shows you the exact words people use when searching on Amazon, along with how often they search for these words every month.

With the Keywords Feature in Publisher Rocket, you’ll learn the book earnings for these search words plus the number of books competing for these words.

By including these keywords in your book’s title, description, and marketing material, you can enhance its visibility. This can lead to your book appearing first in search results for your keywords – that’s the amazing impact of Publisher Rocket.

Competition Analyzer

It’s crucial to know who your competitors are and what they’re up to because it can give you really important information.

With Publisher Rocket, you’ll see your competition’s book cover, selling price, how many pages they have, and even how much they’re making every day and month.

By seeing what’s working for them, you can create a special place for your book and set yourself apart. This will improve your book’s performance on Kindle and boost sales.

Category Search

Choosing the right categories on Amazon can have a massive impact on how your book gets noticed. Publisher Rocket helps you find categories that are in high demand but not too crowded, so you have a better shot at becoming a bestseller.

The Category Feature shows you how many books you need to sell in a day to become the number 1 bestseller.

AMS Keywords

Rocket swiftly generates effective Amazon book ad keywords. It finds books and authors related to your keyword for targeted ads.

Simply export, copy, and paste Amazon’s keyword recommendations list into your Amazon ad campaign. That’s all!

Publisher Rocket

Pros and Cons of Publisher Rocket?

Just like everything else there are pros and cons to publisher rocket.


OneTime Payment: Publisher Rocket is available for a one-time purchase, which includes future updates.
TimeSaving: Publisher Rocket quickly generates a list of relevant keywords, saving authors hours of manual research.
Insights: It provides detailed insights into competitors’ books, including sales data, pricing, and categories.
Category Selection: It finding niche categories with less competition.
Ad Campaign Optimization: The tool helps find profitable keywords for Amazon Advertising campaigns.


♦ Learning Curve: The interface and abundance of data may overwhelm certain users initially.
♦ Limited to Amazon: Publisher Rocket’s data and insights are primarily Amazon-focused.
♦ Initial Cost: $97 might be a significant upfront cost for those just starting out.
♦ No Guarantee of Success: Although Publisher Rocket can significantly aid in market research and decision-making, it can’t guarantee book sales. Success depends on many factors

What Can I Do with The Data?

Apart from what I mentioned earlier.

Perfect Your Book Marketing Strategy

Publisher Rocket data helps create killer marketing strategies. Use Publisher Rocket to make informed choices, instead of going with your gut. This will totally help your book launch and marketing.

Track Sales and Performance

Publisher Rocket is about more than just getting ready to launch. If you monitor sales data, you’ll know what’s working and what’s not, so you can adjust your strategy for future titles or marketing campaigns. The key to long-term success in publishing is continuously analyzing and adjusting.

Last Words on Success with Publisher Rocket

Publisher Rocket is a must-have for authors trying to conquer self-publishing. With all the nitty-gritty on keywords, competition, categories, and sales, it helps authors make savvy decisions for more visibility, better sales, and ultimate success. It’s not just smart, but also super helpful to integrate Publisher Rocket into your publishing workflow.

Ready to take your publishing career to new heights? Give Publisher Rocket a try and see the difference it can make for your books.

Happy writing!



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