Goal Achievement: The First Two Obstacles to Overcome

What obstacles stand in your way? See if goal achievement is going to happen, then the first thing we need to do is remove the obstacles.

In this blog post, we are going to talk about unclear objections and impossible expectations and how they can blog you from achieving your goals.

Do you know what you want – really? Most of us set goals (or resolutions) for things we THINK we want, but not necessarily what we REALLY want.

Our intentions sometimes confuse us, even though we think we know what we want.

Unsatisfied Achievements

Let me explain that idea further.

How many times have you achieved a goal and felt underwhelmed?

It can be confusing!

You wonder how you could have chosen a goal that now seems not to matter to you. Or you point to one tiny aspect of a goal and say, “Well, if it wasn’t for that, I’d be satisfied.”

But that’s not usually what’s happening in this type of situation. We often set goals we think will make us happy, rather than focusing on what we truly desire.

Let’s say that one of your goals is to work less, so you have more time to enjoy life. You rearrange your schedule so you have more time for yourself, but within a few weeks felt bored and restless. You decide that freedom isn’t all it’s made out to be and eagerly bury yourself in work again, but still feel dissatisfied and yearn for something more. What happened to this goal?

You had many possibilities, but you never figured out what you were truly longing for.

Maybe you wanted more creativity, which you could get by devoting a few hours a week to your art. Daily meditation or journaling could have given you a deeper spiritual connection. Maybe you were longing for connection, a weekly lesson, craft course, or book club could give you the connection you were missing.

Every goal you set will have a deeper desire attached to it.

The Solution

Think about how you want to feel, not the external circumstances.

Whenever you set a goal, your immediate question should be, “Why do I want this?” Don’t allow yourself to give an answer like, “It will make me happy.” Ask Yourself:

  • What do I want to achieve?
  • Why will it make you happy?
  • What feelings will these new circumstances or experiences provide for you?
  • Why are these feelings important to you?
  • What deeper needs will they satisfy?
  • Is this goal realistic and attainable?

It may surprise you what comes up when you ask questions like this! You’ll realize needs you didn’t even know you had. But that’s a good thing, because only by knowing what you truly want can you get it! Being clear on what you want can help you find quicker solutions. Sometimes we make things much harder than they need to be.


Obstacle #2: Impossible Expectations

Have you ever set a big goal thinking it would be easy? You imagine smoothly taking action steps every day, effortlessly moving toward your desired outcome, and achieving it in no time. But, unfortunately, things rarely go that way.

Right from the Start

Instead, you quickly struggle and feel overwhelmed right from the start. You get frustrated when your progress isn’t as fast as you planned. Instead of realizing that you might have aimed too high, you might feel tempted to give up completely. It’s a recipe for disaster!

What we often find out is that it’s much easier to think about doing something than actually doing it, especially when we’re trying to achieve something drastically different from our current situation.

When you set a goal, understand that there will be a period of transition as you work towards it.

You can’t expect to jump from being a mailroom clerk to a CEO in just a few weeks, months, or even years. You’ll have to set clear goals, expand your knowledge and network, seek opportunities for growth, and take on leadership roles. 

The Solution

The solution to this challenge is simple: start small! Not everyone likes to hear that, but it’s necessary unless you have an incredible amount of determination and a ton of patience.

Setting big goals is great, but you also need to set goals that are actually achievable. That means either starting with smaller goals or adjusting your expectations about how and when you’ll achieve your goal. Which approach you choose depends on your personal preferences.

Some people can set a big goal and diligently work towards it for years until they succeed. They never lose sight of what they’re aiming for and will wait until they reach their destination.

Personally, that approach has never worked for me. I prefer to see results, and I want them to come as quickly as possible! I’d rather experience small, steady progress now instead of waiting for a big payoff years down the line. Maybe you’re the same way. If that’s the case, you’ll probably be happier setting smaller goals and enjoying moderate results along the way.

Ask Yourself

  • What is the specific outcome I want to achieve?
  • Is this goal within my control?
  • What are the potential challenges or obstacles I may encounter?
  • What resources and skills do I currently have to pursue this goal?
  • Have I set a realistic timeline for achieving the goal?
  • How does this goal align with my current commitments and priorities?
  • Have I sought advice from others who have pursued similar goals?
  • What smaller steps or milestones can I set along the way?
  • Am I willing to adjust and adapt my expectations as I progress?

We can almost we can break any big goal into smaller pieces. When you concentrate on achieving those smaller milestones, you’ll build momentum and confidence to keep moving.

Last Words on Goal Achievement

So now, we know we need clear objectives and expectations to achieve our goals. In next week’s blog we will dive into beliefs and fears.

Take care




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