Ultimate Writing Toolkit: Notion Templates Bundle

Are you tired of juggling multiple tools to bring your story to life? We’ve got the perfect solution – our Ultimate Writing Toolkit: Notion Templates Bundle a comprehensive collection that seamlessly combines six essential templates to empower your writing journey. Let’s delve into what this extraordinary package has to offer:

📖 Write Your Novel: Brainstorming Notion Template

Say goodbye to scattered notes! Our Plot Outline Template is your go-to writing companion. Organized into multiple sections, it covers everything from chapter synopses to historical details. Take your story from idea to finished product effortlessly.

👥 Character Builder Template for Writers:

Characters are the heart of your story. Our Character Builder Template delves deep into emotions, relationships, and tendencies, offering structured fields for comprehensive development. Develop well-rounded characters that resonate with your readers.

🌍 World Building Template for Writers and Creatives:

Build immersive worlds effortlessly! Our World Building Template covers over 500 questions, from cities to climate, technology to rituals. Organize and structure information to tailor it to your unique story, making sure no detail is overlooked.

🌌 Magic Systems Template for Writers:

Dive into the realm of fantasy with our Magic Systems Template. Crafting magical worlds just got easier as you answer crucial questions about who has magic, how it works, and its limitations. This Notion template ensures your magical elements are well-defined before you start writing.

📚Publisher Submission Tracker for Writers

Ever find yourself knee-deep in the chaotic world of your own book, forgetting who zapped who in chapter 5 or which magical city your hero needs to visit next? Fear not, fellow storytellers, for we present to you the ultimate lifesaver: Novel Organization: Keeping a Series Bible! 

📝 Genre Competition Research Notion Tracker:

Struggling to find the perfect price for your book or the right Amazon categories? Unsure about your book cover design or how to craft a captivating blurb? Discover how the Genre Research Notion Tracker can simplify these daunting tasks. 

What you receive in this package:

6 Notion Writer Workspaces: 

♦ Write Your Novel: Brainstorming Notion Template

♦ Build a Character Notion Template

♦ Magic Systems for Writers Notion Template

♦ World Building Notion Template for Writers

♦ Publisher Submission Tracker for Writers

♦ Genre Competition Research Notion Tracker

Watch the videos to see what is included.

You can get the Ultimate Notion Templates Bundle for Writers today for only $97.97 Free for the For Your Business Bundle.

How to Duplicate a Notion Template

If you don’t have a Notion account, sign up for one before you duplicate the template. It’s free. (not an affiliate link)

♦ You will receive a pdf with a link to your Notion Template. 

♦ After downloading the PDF, open it up and click on the second page where it says here.

♦ On the top right of the Notion page, there’s a “Duplicate” button. Click that. On Mobile? Click the three dots to show the duplicate button.

♦ Then you will need to log in and wait a few seconds while the template imports to your account. Enjoy your template.


♦ Digital download

♦ You will receive a pdf with a link to your Notion Templates


♦ This is a digital product (instant download), not a physical product (nothing will be shipped).

♦ Once payment is complete, you get instant access to the product.

♦ This template only works with Notion.

♦ To use Notion you will need to have a free account.

♦ To use this template, you need a basic knowledge of Notion. If you know how to add and delete rows and blocks—you should have no problem.

♦ Personal Use Only.

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