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♦ List of Time Periods for Writers (eBook)

♦  Undated Daily Planner (Canva template)

♦ Book Tracker (PDF)

♦ 1100 Subject Lines for Writers (eBook)

♦  Overused Words in Writing (eBook)

♦ Words that Sell: Marketing Words for Authors (eBook)

♦ Time Management Worksheet (workbook)

♦ 50 Free Instagram Canva Templates (Canva template)

♦ Canva Author Media Kit (Canva template)

♦ How Many Words Make a Novel (eBook)

♦ Vision Board Templates (Canva template)

♦ Sell Sheet/One Pager for Authors (Canva template)

♦  Anti To Do List (Canva template)

♦ Goal Setting Preparation Worksheet (workbook)

♦ 10 Positivity Canva Instagram Templates (Canva template)

♦ 10 Blurred Positivity Canva Instagram Templates (Canva template)

♦ 10 Flower Power Canva Instagram Templates (Canva template)

♦ 10 Boho Canva Instagram Templates (Canva template)

♦ Writer Definition (Canva template)

♦ 10 Motivation Canva Instagram Templates (Canva template)

♦ New Year Planner (workbook)

♦ Notion Password Planner (Notion template)

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