Esty Store Business Tracker

Are you a digital seller on Etsy looking to take your business to new heights? Streamline your operations, increase productivity, and maximize profits with our Comprehensive Etsy Seller Spreadsheet!

Tracking data in your Etsy business is incredibly important for a few simple reasons.

1. It helps you understand how your business is doing by giving you critical information. This helps you make smart decisions about your products and prices to make more money.

2. Tracking data helps you see what products are selling well and what’s not, so you can invest your time creating items people want to buy

3. Tracking data gives you control over your Etsy business and helps it grow successfully in a competitive online market.

What Your Receive in this Package:

An Excel Spreadsheet with 5 tabs

♦ How to get started

♦ A Product log 

♦ A Daily Activity Tracker

♦ A Daily Stats Tracker

♦ A Monthly Activity Tracker

You get a pink and grey version 

You can get it today for only $7.99


♦ Digital download

Digital file type(s): 2 excel files


♦ This is a digital product (instant download), not a physical product (nothing will be shipped).

♦ This is an Excel Spreadsheet. It may or may not work in Google Sheets.

♦ Personal Use Only

♦ This spreadsheet is for digital Etsy sellers


Just $7.99