Build a Character Notion Template

Do you find it challenging to develop your characters? Before letting them step into your story’s world, it’s crucial to understand them.

Character development goes beyond the surface details, like appearance; it delves into their emotions, past, and aspirations. This character development template, specially designed for Notion, helps you explore your characters’ archetypes, self-perceptions, relationships, and quirks.

Leverage this Notion-based character builder and responding to the in-depth character development questions. In doing so, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of your characters.

Get to know your characters inside and out before you pen your novel!

What you receive in this package:

A Notion Writer Workspace with sections for:

♦ Physical Description

♦ Behaviour

♦ Childhood

♦ Communication Style

♦ Emotional Reactions

♦ Family Connections

♦ Character Goals

♦ Mental Characteristics

♦ Occupations

♦ Relationships

♦ Self-perception

♦ Tendencies

♦ Character Questions

♦ And much more…

Watch the video to see what is included.

You can get the Build a Character Notion Template today for only $24.87

How to Duplicate a Notion Template

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♦ After downloading the PDF, open it up and click on the second page where it says here.

♦ On the top right of the Notion page, there’s a “Duplicate” button. Click that. On Mobile? Click the three dots to show the duplicate button.

♦ Then you will need to log in and wait a few seconds while the template imports to your account. Enjoy your template.


♦ Digital download

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Just $24.87