Book Library Tracking Spreadsheet

Have you lost track of the books you have read? If you have a library of thousands of books, you can use this book inventory template for cataloging your books. With this sortable library Excel spreadsheet, you can inventory your books, authors, genres, book types, series and more. You can sort the columns alphabetically while the drop-down menus allow you to add data quickly.

The wish list tab is the place to store the list of books you want to purchase or borrow from the library.

The Daily Reading Tracker tab allows you to track the days you read so that you can form a habit. At the end of the month, you have the totals for each day you read. With the Monthly Tracker, you can keep a list of the books you have read and the number of pages. The auto-calculating totals create a graph for a visual look at all the pages you have read in a month.

This personal library spreadsheet can be customized by adding rows or columns. You can even add your own categories in the set-up sheet. Perfect for book lovers!

What you receive in this package:

An Excel Spreadsheet Tracker that includes:

♦ Books

♦ Wishlist

♦ Daily Tracker

♦ Monthly Tracker

♦ Set up Sheet

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