Author Media Kit Instagram Template for Canva

Are you a writer, storyteller, or someone who loves to share your ideas through words? I bet you’d rather spend your time writing…

… than trying to navigate the world of social media…

… hoping to catch the attention of readers and get them excited about your new book. Well, guess what? I’ve got something that can make your life easier: Canva Instagram Templates for Writers!

We specifically designed these templates to help you:

♦ effortlessly announce your book launch

♦ showcase glowing reviews

♦ introduce yourself to readers

♦ simplify your marketing efforts

With just a few simple steps, you can create stunning Instagram posts that grab attention and generate buzz around your writing.

The best part? You have the power to customize these professionally designed templates to align perfectly with your unique brand and style.

♦ change the photos,

♦ add intriguing book blurbs

♦ give readers a sneak peek of a captivating chapter to leave them wanting more

♦ include your beautiful book cover to entice potential readers

With Canva, it’s as easy as a touch of a button to personalize every aspect of these templates. Whether you want to adjust the text or experiment with different colours, you can create an entirely new look that perfectly reflects your vision. Plus, you can revisit and modify the template as many times as you need, ensuring that each new book launch gets its own special touch.

So, say goodbye… to the time-consuming task of social media marketing and embrace the simplicity and effectiveness of these media kit templates. These templates will not only save you precious time but also help you captivate your audience and make a memorable impression. Now you can focus on what you love most—writing—and leave the marketing magic to these incredible templates.

What you receive in this package:

10 beautifully designed Canva media kit templates:

♦ Meet the Author

♦ About the Book

♦ Book Overview

♦ Chapter Tease

♦ Press Release

♦ Quick Facts

♦ Buy Me

♦ Review Page

♦ Biography Page

♦ Interview Questions

♦ Author Sell Sheet

♦ Thank You Page

Look through the flip book to see everything included.

Please note that you can adjust between one and two page toggling by clicking on the book below the video. Do you want to make flipbooks like these? Check out Designrr (affiliate link).

You can get the Author Media Kit Instagram Templates for Canva today for only $6.99


♦ Digital download

♦ You will receive 1 PDF file with a Canva Link

♦ Sized for Instagram (1080×1080 px)

Need another size? Reach out and I can customize one for you.


♦ This is a digital product (instant download), not a physical product (nothing will be shipped).

♦ Once payment is complete, you get instant access to the product.

♦ To use this template, you will need to have a free Canva account.

♦ To use this template, you need a basic knowledge of Canva. If you know how to drag, drop, move elements and resize an image – you should have no problem.

♦ This product has a lot of layers. Use the layer function to easily move things around, learn more here

♦ New to Canva? Check out these free tutorials to get started.

Just $6.99