A Writers Guide to Character Fears eBook

Are your characters afraid of anything? Fictional characters need to face their fears to grow and progress. These fears can also show a character’s inner struggles. Fear can drive a character to obsess, worry, or act in irrational ways. For this reason, it is important to know about your characters’ fears to make them more believable and human.

The fear of failure is one of the most common reasons characters avoid moving on with their lives. Similarly, a character’s fear of being hurt can keep them from being happy.

For example, Mary may not open herself up to love because of her fear of betrayal. Rodney may not live his life to the fullest because of his fear of death. Similarly, Joss’s first trip to an exotic island is complicated by a violent rainstorm and a fear of thunder..

The symptoms of fear can range from trembling to heart-pounding. A character’s fears will vary, depending on their personality, backstory, education, upbringing, and culture.

Fear can be a defining trait in a story when you use it to create plot and conflict.

This eBook has a list of fears and phobias… 777 to be exact. Use this list of phobias to develop and strengthen your characters. This eBook is full of character fear ideas.

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An 86-page eBook that includes:

♦ Introduction

♦ A list of 777 character fears/phobias with brief descriptions

♦ More fears in writing

Look through the flip book to see everything included.

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