A Writer’s Glossary of Character Flaws (eBook)

Do your character have flaws? Or are they perfect? Readers love books with flawed characters because they’re relatable and true to life.

Flaws make characters more relatable and interesting, so readers can understand their difficulties.

This guide delves deep into the intricate world of character flaws. With an ‘A to Z’ glossary that lists over 400-character flaws, from minor quirks to deep-seated insecurities.

What’s in this writing resource:

📚 Creating Characters: Let’s kick things off with the two essential aspects of character creation!

💡 Types of Flaws: Get ready to dive deep into the intriguing world of character flaws and explore the various types.

🔍 Character Analysis: Next up, we’ll dissect and examine 10 fascinating characters, uncovering their unique weaknesses and quirks.

📖 Comprehensive Glossary: Finally, we’ll delve into a comprehensive glossary, spanning from A to Z, packed with over 400flaws,s to enrich your character-building journey!

Unlock the secrets of character flaws and elevate your storytelling to new heights.

What You Receive in This Package

A 108-page eBook that includes sections on:

♦ Creating Characters

♦ Character Flaws

♦ Character Studies

♦ Glossary of Flaws

♦ Questions

♦ Checklist

♦ Conclusion

Look through the flip book to see included.

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