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Story Structure

Need help with organizing your story? We’ve got plotting workbooks, tools, and resources to lend a hand.


Manuscript Formatting

Want help with formatting your manuscript? We have the perfect course and writing tools.


Character Building

Looking for help with character development? We have various templates and tools that can help you delve into your characters.


World Building

Need help building a new world or organizing your existing one? We’ve got all the tools and resources to make it easy-peasy.


Amazon KDP

Want to start upload a book on Amazon KDP? We have a course that will show you step-by-step how to set up your account, and publish your first book.

Etsy Store

Are you interested in opening an Etsy Shop? We can help you set up your shop and make your first digital product.

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Kruger National Park, South Africa

Hi! I'm Linda

For the past sixteen years, I have worked as a freelance associate editor. Mostly in traditional publishing for higher education (College and University Textbooks).

When I published my first fictional novel at 55, I realized I needed some resources and tools that weren’t available to self-publishing authors. So I created them! Sharing them with my writing group before someone gave me the idea to offer them to other writers and thus Funny Face Fiction was born… to help writers.

But I’m not only a writer and editor. I am a small business owner, Etsy Star Seller, Microsoft expert, military mother, entertainment junkie, avid traveller and hockey fan (Canadian eh).

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